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In 1997, Clergytech pioneered the first online payroll service for churches and ministries – ChurchPayroll.

Today, our experienced team of professionals continue to serve churches and related ministers with personal, first class payroll service.

Payroll Services Specifically for Ministry

We offer a variety of services, all tailored to meet the needs of your specific ministry or organization. We know you are different and we understand the complexities that come along with it. Serving ministries and non-profits is all we do.

Full-Service Payroll

Our payroll service offers a full service solution for your payroll needs. You pay one fee for all the benefits of our employer payroll service - no hidden charges are added on after the fact.

  • 24/7 Access to your online Client Portal

Your payroll reports are available to you via our secure, cloud-based client portal system. You can log in to view reports, update employee information or submit a payroll.

  • Flexible or Automatic Payroll

You can elect to submit your payroll information via online client portal, email, telephone or fax. We are flexible to meet your needs. We also offer an automated payroll service for those clients with salary-only staff. You just make sure the money is in the bank and we do the rest.

  • Payroll Tax Reporting and Deposits

We calculate, pay and report your federal, state and local payroll withholding and matching taxes for you. While you remain responsible, as the employer, you can rely on us to maintain your compliance with the taxing authorities.

  • Benefit Accrual and Usage Tracking

Our system will maintain your personal, vacation, holiday and sick time so you can eliminate separate spreadsheets and manual calculations. Each pay stub lists the accrued, used and available paid time off.

  • Garnishments/Staff Deductions

Garnishments and staff deductions (health, retirement, childcare, etc.) are deducted per your instructions and then paid out to the appropriate recipient via direct deposit or paper checks.

  • Direct Deposit or Paychecks

Employee paychecks can be issued via direct deposit or paper check or both. Our system can also accommodate multiple direct deposits for a single pay date. For example, your staff can have a dollar amount or percentage of each check deposited into a savings account and the remainder deposited into their checking account.

  • Other Reporting

For no additional fees, we will also assist with other reporting as needed. For example, new hire reporting, workers’ compensation reporting, voluntary state unemployment, etc.

Employee Self-Service

For a small additional fee, your staff can access their own accounts online or using our mobile app. They can view and print their paystubs, W2s, 1099s and update their address and W-4 information. For employers that allow it, they can also report their daily hours worked for each pay period.

  • View Paystubs, W2’s and 1099s
  • Update Address and W-4 information
  • Self-report hours for each pay period

Compliance and Review

We also offer additional services such as payroll compliance reviews and correcting past payroll reports. Many payroll services will process church payrolls but they are not aware of the special withholding and reporting rules and laws for ministers and other church employees. Correcting past mistakes proactively can cut down on penalties, interest and the risk of losing your tax exempt status. This service is provided on a case by case basis, so give us a call for a consultation and quote.

  • IRS Representation

Our CPAs are qualified and experienced in dealing with complicated tax matters concerning the Internal Revenue Service. Representing yourself without knowing the proper way to respond could cost your ministry or organization hundreds or thousands of dollars in penalties and interest.

  • Payroll Compliance Audit

We will review all aspects of your payroll process looking for common errors in employee/contractor status, employment benefits and contracts, employment tax treatment of ministers and other church employees, housing allowance designations and other complex issues.

  • Past Period Corrections

We will review and amend federal and state tax returns, W2s, 1099s, etc.

Find out today how we can help your ministry or non-profit succeed!